About Us

About Us

A Company That Loves to Create

Media Show Grup was founded by experts in the field of creative innovation, sophisticated events and cutting-edge concepts. For ten years we have grown and developed, we have discovered and experienced the event in many details through art and hospitality that let us to be the creators of  truly unforgettable moments.

Our focus is based  on creating large-scale events with unique concepts  and individual event profiling.

We develop strategies, concepts, design and create - for an outstanding result. Created experience in international events, conferences, product launches, presentations, open airs, corporate and family events, all of these have modeled our workflow and taught us how to deal with each and every service we provide to our customers.

About our team

A team of ambitious young people

Media Show Grup has the best qualified and talented professionals. Each member represents as an industry. We complete each other in work, together in close interdependence as a team we prosper and becoming more experienced and passionate workers.

Who we work with

To our partners

If you still ask yourself how to get rid of the burden of composing scenarios/scripts at midnight, about how to make surprises to your loved ones and you freak out when you think that you must please your guests, you no longer know what to invent and it can get really frustrating. Media Show Grup gives you solutions adjusted for a successful event and high quality organization for not to worry further. We are available to any format of companies, NGOs, Networks or just to a family who wants to keep its customers and guests with warm memories and lasting emotions about their event.